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North of Nagar, and near the sources of the Warda River
(in 14 N. lat.), there is a marked break in the chain, which
there seems hardly to rise above the level plain of DUarwar
to the eastward. Here the watershed recedes further than
usaal from the west coast, and two considerable rivers flow in
deep ravines from the immediate vicinity of Dharwar to the
Western Ocean, separated by lateral spurs which run south-
west from the axis of the chain.
Dr. Buchanan Hamilton wns the tivst after Rheede to ex-
plore the botany of Malabar. Having been deputed to that
province by the Government of Madras, charged with a mul-
tiplicity of duties, he docs not seem to have collected largely,
nor has he published any general' work on the sujject. Many
important botanical observation* of his are, however, detailed
in various publications, and especially in his Commentaries on
the c Hortus Malabaricus/ which have in part only appeared in
the Linnsean Transactions. To this task he brought an ex-
tensive knowledge of tropical botany and Oriental literature.
Dr. Wight's researches, in many parts of the province, are
justly celebrated throughout Europe; he has personally ex*
plored the Travancor mountains as far south as Cape Co-
morin, the Courtalam and Pulney hills, the neighbourhood of
Quilon, and especially the Nilghiri chain, which is easily acces-
sible from Coimbator, where he so long resided as superin-
tendent of the Government Cotton Plantations. Dr. Gard-
ner, when on a visit to Dr. Wight, also collected in the Nil-
gliiri chain, as did Sir Frederic Adam, and Mr. Schmid, a
missionary, a few of whose plants have been published by
The northern district, or Canara, has been diligently ex-
plored by Mr. Dalzell, who resided for many years at Vin*
gorla, in the Southern Concan, and made extensive* journeys.
A large collection of Canara and Kiirg plants -was also made
by Mr. Metz*, a missionary, and distributed iu Germany by
Hohenacker, and named by Miquel; these arc partly from the
* The name of Mr. Metis should be substituted fw thai of Ait\ Schwidat
p, 69 of thw Essay.